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Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Guide for Portland, Oregon

If you’ve been dreaming of living in a Portland community that celebrates its heritage but also has an eye to the future, then you ought to check out the Beaumont-Wilshire community.

Located in the northeast section of the city, Beaumont-Wilshire shares borders with such neighborhoods as Alameda, Concordia, Cully, Rose City Park, and Grant Park

This established neighborhood features a mix of commercial and residential neighborhoods and is actually comprised of two distinct communities: Beaumont to the south and Wilshire to the north.

Beaumont actually means “beautiful mountain” in French because of the community’s slight elevation.

In recent years, the two communities joined forces to form the Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association in an effort to pursue common goals and to also develop the shared commercial center of Beaumont Village.

This village, which is located on NE Fremont Street (from NE 33rd Avenue to NE 50th Avenue), is actually the main commercial district for the community! There are also a number of other attractions nearby, such as the Hollywood District.

Homes and Residential Life at Beaumont-Wilshire

The Portland homes that you’ll find within this community represent a variety of home styles, including Tudors, Craftsman and Bungalows. A lot of these homes were built in the early 1900s, although a lot have been well-maintained over the years and even renovated.

Residents living here love the fact that Beaumont Market is so close by! This store features grocery items as well as other unique trinkets for purchase. This store also sells some fabulous wine as well as Harris Ranch meats and produce.

A Strong Sense of Community

This Portland community really is quite tight-knit. For instance, it has its own Beaumont-Hollywood blog!

As of the 1996 Census, this neighborhood was made of up of mostly single-family housing and included about 5,500 residents. Of course, that’s gone up in recent years but even so, this community maintains its close connections to its neighbors and its neighborhood pride!

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