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Tips to Making Your Move to Portland Easier

As we all know, moving whether it’s across the street or across the country presents a whole new set of special needs and circumstances when buying a home in Portland. The moving tips below are sure to make this part of your move to Portland easier on everyone including your children and your pets.

  • Make sure your mover has all of your contact information. This includes your cell phone number just in the event they need to contact you while they are in route to your new Portland home. Don’t forget to secure their contact information as well!
  • Carefully review the shipping manifest and ask questions if anything seems irregular. Maintain a copy for your personal records. Note your shipment's registration number and always keep your Bill of Lading with you.
  • Teach your school-age children their new Portland address. One great way to help them memorize the new address is by letting them practice writing it on their packed boxes of toys.
  • Speaking of the kids, before you move, help create a memory book of their old home. Include pictures of friends, classmates and other important people in their lives. This keepsake is sure to be a big hit once they begin missing their old school and playmates. Make sure of their friends sign the book before you move.
  • On moving day have a plan for your pets. If your pet is accustom to being confined in a kennel, moving day is the perfect time to kennel-up your pets and keep them out of harms way for their safety and your peace of mind.
  • Bring along an old local phonebook and keep it handy just in case you need it. Any important phones numbers and contact information should be available just in case you need to call neighbors and businesses from your former residence.
  • Have family medical records, financial records, and school records close at hand especially if you are moving to Portland during the school year. This tip is very important.
  • For the long-distance moves, always ask if your household goods will be sharing the truck with items from other households. In some cases, your mover may have to warehouse your furniture and belongings for a few days. Also ask your mover whether your goods will remain on the truck until they are delivered. If they are to be stored, try to schedule a visit to the storage warehouse to inspect for cleanliness, organization and security.
  • Because of their delicate nature, upon arrival at your new home, always allow all electronic devices including computers, TV’s, home theater systems and other similar items to return to room temperature before you plug them in your new Portland home.

Practical Tips to Making Your Move to Portland Less Stressful!

By following these simple, yet easy to implement tips, your belongings will be moved more efficiently and your move will be less stressful and easier to manage. Before you relocate to the Portland area, be sure to contact me, Gabby Tyer and I’ll assist you with all your relocation needs!

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