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Let me introduce myself!  I am Shirley Cox and have been in the real estate industry since April 1987.  I am licensed in the state of Washington as an Associate Broker with Pacific Rim Brokers, Inc. and in Oregon as a Broker affiliated with Realty Solutions, LLC. 

Since the geographic area I work in is sparsely populated, I work all sectors of the industry. From single family homes to unimproved building lots, farms/ranches, multi-family housing and commercial properties. 

My primary specialty over the past 20 years has been servicing the banks and institutional clients. I am a full service broker, from performing drive by BPO’s, as well as interior inspections, loss mitigation, occupancy checks, negotiating cash for keys, coordinating with law enforcement as well as attorneys for evictions, trash out/ cleaning, utility service, repairs and final disposition of marketing the REO properties for the client to receive the best price in their determined time frames. 

As a landlord of a number of investment properties myself, I am well versed in dealing with the varied issues of cleaning and repairs as well as unauthorized occupants, plus the numerous utility providers as well as contractors one must coordinate with. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with a host of different institutions, including: Ocwen, Wells Fargo/PAS, Bayview Financial, California REO Management, Countrywide, EMC Mortgage, Homesteps/FreddieMac, Horizon, Keystone Asset Management Inc, Option One/American Home Mortgage, Single Source Property Solutions, Atlas REO Services just to name a few.   

I am a participating member of our local Realtor association, a member of the State and National Association as well as memberships with: NRBA (National REO Brokers Association) REO World, REO Network, REO Trans, REO.Com, RESNET and subscribe to DSNews.  I am also a supporter of using new technology as it becomes available, and have several digital camera’s, 2 personal computers as well as a lap top and my cell phone which generally can keep me in touch with my clients with minimal delay. However due to the rural area and terrain I cover, there are still areas with minimal to no cell service, in which case calls will go to voice mail. 

Thank you for your time.  I shall look forward to working with you.  Should you have any questions please call, 541-490-3139 or e-mail me at  HYPERLINK ""  
Sincerely,  Shirley M. Cox

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